Opportunity to Comment on Change to Policy #3

The Board of Commissioners approved a revision to POLICY #3: ELIGIBILITY FOR ACCREDITATION at their recent meeting. Pursuant to Commission Policy #11, proposed policy changes are submitted to accredited programs for review and comment prior to implementation.
Please provide any comments by email to Anthony Bugay, Board Liaison & Manager of Special Projects at abugay@nlnac.org no later than February 12, 2009. The Commissioners will consider these comments prior to implementation of the policy.
Thank you for reviewing this policy change. We appreciate your interest and support to the accreditation process.


To be eligible for initial or continuing accreditation, a nursing program must demonstrate that it meets or continues to meet the following eligibility requirements of the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Once eligibility is established, institutions then must demonstrate that they meet the standards for accreditation.

Nursing education units that come together to form consortia agreements may seek accreditation from NLNAC if they meet eligibility requirements. In governing organizations with more than one nursing education unit, all nursing education units offering the same program type must seek accreditation for any one of them to be accredited.